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The ruined cottage set in wonderful landscape
For many years there were no plans for the house. The Crown Estate who owned the property had nothing in mind and I suspect were waiting for ideas.


And then in the Spring of 1999, somebody approached the crown Estate with a view to setting up a huskey Dog Centre at Inverchor. Of course our reaction was less than encouraging. not that i have anything against huskies, but they are the predator and most of our farm animals, reindeer, fallow deer, and soay sheep would be the prey. Not a terribly good idea to have predators right in the middle of your farm!

This proposition goaded us into action. No, we didn't want Huskies, so what could we come up with instead? Situated in an extremely remote spot with great views and abounding with wildlife, we thought it would make a great place to get away from it all. So the idea of a holiday cottage was born.

luckily we are a family that puts thoughts into action and, once plans were passed and building warrants sorted out, we cracked on with the work.

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